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defensive driving malaysia

Have a Safe Journey Home

Defensive driving programs are based on a series of interlocking techniques and practices for avoiding hazards and/or preventing accidents

We don’t do slalom driving, we don’t do skidding on road, we don’t do emergency braking…we change your safety mindset and behaviour….by the way, is it necessary to do skidding or emergency braking if you drive defensively? Think again….​​

Mohamad Atiq

Managing Director

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Compliance Audit

Standard Operating Procedure (“S.O.P”) Architecture Design

Defensive driving training

Wheels In Motion provides practical defensive driving course and behavior based driven element through systematic material and syllabus with proper coaching and guidance including practical and assessment  

This module also will enable the drivers to promote and practices good driving etiquette.  

Lively discussion, good team participation, knowledgeable trainers, practical. Experimental learning, on the road training, the trainer refresh my mind the techniques of driving since I'm not a frequent driver
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Community Service


Basic recovering training:

  • Use of winch
  • How to use hi-lift jack
  • Uphill mode
  • Downhill mode

Compliance Audit

Wheels In Motion also provides audit guidance/compliance in relation to land transportation such as DOSH i-Cop and including closing the gap 

Standard Operating Procedure (“S.O.P”) Architecture Design

As part of business expansion, Wheels In Motion also involve in providing logistical solutions in terms of customizing its customers SOP to suit their requirement in operations especially in HSE point of view. 

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