Safe driving culture starts with you

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Defensive driving programs are based on a series of interlocking techniques and practices for avoiding hazards and/or preventing accidents
Safe driving culture starts with you. For our generation to come and as part of our community responsibilities.

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What are Drunk Goggles used for?

Drunk Goggles are used for educational purposes in Schools and by driving instructors especially. Where the Drunk Goggles are used for simulating the effect of alcohol, how the influence slows your reflex, and how your coordination and balance are getting a bit numb.

The Effect of drunk goggles:

  1. Reduced alertness.
  2. Slowed reaction time.
  3. Blurry Vision.
  4. Double Vision.
  5. Alteration of depth and distance perception.
  6. Effects judgment and decision making.
  7. Lack of muscular coordination and balance.

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What are the similiarities between WIMSB 4 Principles and soccer?

Principle 1 Look ahead
Don't let your chin down. Look ahead. Held your head high

Principle 2 Scan and analyse
Keep your eyes moving. Scan around priir to receive the ball. Think where you will go next after you pass the ball

Principle 3 Create space
Don't get close to opponent. Your team mate will not pass it to you if you don't have space. Always target space and make the run

Principle 4 Be seen
Communicate with your team so that they know where to pass the ball. Use your hand to show direction

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CSR with Hartalega in Sepang on 30th Nov 2023 for their internal company Health and Wellness.
Safe driving culture start with you. Outreach programme by Viatris.
Safety Day with Brentagg Shah Alam on 10th May 2023
CSR during bad flood

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