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About Us

History and origins

Wheels In Motion Sdn. Bhd., the flagship company of soon to be the Motion Group, is targeting a recorded turnover of about RM 3.0 million in Dec 2017 which derived mainly training for defensive driving and audit, is gearing to be main player in Malaysia diversified services company. Established in September 2016, Wheels In Motion went through a change of management from sole proprietorship to a private limited entity in order to expand its business, to the realm of En. Mohamad Atiq Somchit arising from his passion to expand and create value to the company. Wheels In Motion initial business forays included technical education training (Defensive Driving) and services which include audit, and preparation of standard operating procedure for land transport In September 2016, Centre Arch sold 100% equity interest to Wheels In Motion Sdn. Bhd. and invited 2 other director in order to expand and create value to its current business and expanding into new business area which also include Defensive Driving Training and other services with a projected group revenue of RM 3.0 million per annum. Under the stewardship of En. Mohamad Atiq Somchit, Wheels In Motion has projected its growth from singular services to multiple services, to enjoy robust growth in revenue and profitability. Wheels In Motion has developed a global approach to business that is drawn from the capabilities and experience of the management and staff led by En. Mohamad Atiq Somchit


Wheels In Motion’s objective is to maximize shareholders return by continuously exploring opportunity and developing new product package, to be profitable at every stage of the trading cycle in an ethical and socially responsible manner that maintains its reputation which will ensure its ongoing access to manpower, capital and opportunity.

our team

Managing Director

Mohamad Atiq Somchit

BA Hons Business and Marketing
University of Greenwich

Finance and Admin

Sharifah Atikah

BA (Hons) Accounting (Tax)

Chief Operating Officer

Mahnorizal Mahat

Bachelor in Accounting

Head of Training

Ikhnas Sham Ghazali


Mohd Fadzel Nor

Master of Arts (Marketing)
University of Northumbria


Zahari bin Zakaria

Diploma in Banking


Ramli bin Abdul Razak

Diploma in Banking


Nor Aizham bin Che Mansor

B. Sc. Horticulture 1996 UPM
Diploma in Human Development


Nubli Ahmad Yasin

Diploma Electrical Engineering


Mohammed Iqbal Ismail Kathrada

Dip in Communication, Advertising and Marketing


Mostapal Kamil Baba

Client’s Testimonials

What people say?

On Train-The-Trainer for Driver Trainer
Mutu pemanduan dan kefahaman pemandu dapat ditingkatkan untuk keselamatan pengguna jalan raya
Banyak perbincangan yang memberikan idea dan buah fikiran yang berbeza
Dari yang baik kepada lebih baik
Swift Integrated Logistics Sdn Bhd
On Defensive Driving training
Lively discussion, good team participation
If someone doesn’t be responsible on the road, it’s our responsibility to be responsible
Knowledgeable trainers
The whole objective of the training on what make a good driver
Experimental learning
On the road training, the trainer refresh my mind the techniques of driving since I’m not a frequent driver
Awareness of the 4 Defensive Driving principles
PETRONAS Lubricants International Sdn Bhd
On DOSH/SPAD training

100% membantu saya membuat kerja mengikut turutan yang telah tersedia. Kerja mesti ada ‘ending’

Latihan ini menambah pengetahuan saya untuk membentuk pemandu agar lebih berdisiplin dan mematuhi prosedur

Sangat berguna untuk membuat kerja-kerja dokumen yang lebih baik dan efektif

Pengajar menghubung kait latihan dengan pengalaman -Cara penyampaian tenaga pengajar yang mudah dan berkesan
Lafaz Bersatu Sdn Bhd
On Defensive Driving training

Senang faham tentang penerangan yang diberikan

Pengajar yang ramah dan berpengetahuan

On DOSH/SPAD training
Able to gain knowledge on safety and health
Trainer engaging the student
I like case study

On Train-The-Trainer for Driver Trainer
Penyampaian isi kandungan latihan dengan tenang dan mudah difahami oleh semua pelajar. Terima kasih!!!
Praktikal di jalan raya
Globonus Sdn Bhd