defensive driving

What is defensive driving?

Is about TIME and SPACE

Space for vehicle

Time to make decisions


Avoid conflict

People misconception of handling at corner, ‘this is my lane, I should go first’, etc

Prevent any potential accident/incident


Ability to manage risk

What can happen?

What can I do to avoid?

Why is Defensive Driving needed?

It is a fundamental requirement for safe driving.

An integral part of training programs aimed at all frequent drivers

Defensive driving programs are based on a series of interlocking techniques and practices for avoiding hazards and/or preventing accidents.

Main features typically:

Expanding the driver’s field of observation

Continuous visual search

Total awareness of the surrounding environment

Planning ahead

Timely and deliberate actions/reactions

The program

Development of training material

Development of training material such as 4 Principles, slow speed maneuvering, reversing, intersection, fatigue, etc

Defensive Driving (material and guideline)

Classroom training and practical and Material provided Assessment


Our modules cover good driver, 4 principles, distraction, use of mirrors, fatigue and many more


Our class is a one-day class. Training can be in both English or Malay.


Day 1 AM Classroom. Day 2 PM Practical and coaching

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